The Service Children’s Champion can work with schools to deliver CPD or can work alongisde school-based Service Children Advocates to develop their knowledge and expertise.

Each term at our Service Children’s Network we deliver free CPD sessions featuring guest speakers from a range of organisations to increase awareness of how they can support your school.

Below are some CPD presentations that can be used during professional development meetings.

There are also three brand new wellbeing courses for Service pupils which can be delivered in small groups by a member of your own support staff.  Each course is designed to take approximately 20-30 minutes per session, with 6 sessions in total.

You can access them for free below.





Service Children Wellbeing Courses

New for 2024!


I have developed three short courses to support Service children’s wellbeing.  Each course is 6 sessions long and are designed to take no loger than 20-30 minutes per week.  All the resources you need are included within the course booklet and are available to download/print off for free!

If you do use them I would appreciate your feedback.